Michael McCarthy

Mike started his working life as a primary school teacher before going on to a 21 year career with New Zealand Police. Experiencing a variety of frontline, investigative, training and supervisory roles, Mike spent the last three years as a Detective Senior Sergeant on the National Sexual Violence and Child Protection Team.

Since August 2015 Mike has been the manager of ACC’s Injury Prevention Violence Portfolio which has its focus on the early intervention and prevention of injuries arising from sexual violence, family violence and wilfully self-inflicted incidents. As part of his role, he has been involved in the roll out of the Mates & Dates programme.

The Mates & Dates programme.

Mates & Dates is a healthy relationships programme for secondary school students that is designed to help prevent sexual and dating violence by teaching young people relationship skills and behaviours to carry with them throughout their lives. It’s about all kinds of relationships, including friends and family.

Mates & Dates is a strengths-based programme that believes all young people are able act with respect towards their mates, dates, and family in all interactions. As a multi-year programme, it is taught to years 9-13 in one 50-minute session each week for five weeks and supports the four underlying and interdependent concepts at the heart of the Health and Physical Education Learning area, targeted at levels 4-8 of The New Zealand Curriculum.

It is anticipated that Mates & Dates will be delivered to approximately 108 mainstream secondary schools, Kura kapuapa and Teen Parenting Units in the 2017 school year, reaching some 20,000 students.